20+ Ways To Repurpose Your Empty Wine Bottle

Many people occasionally drink a glass of red wine at home. How to deal with the red wine bottle after drinking is better? Is it thrown into the trash can or sold to waste recycling? In fact, the bottles are all treasures, we can completely use waste to make unexpected ornaments in life.

To give you some inspiration, we have collected some of the best ideas for making interesting DIY projects of empty wine bottles. You can depend on your creativity to turn an empty wine bottle into a food storage container, a beautiful planter, tumbler, cutlery or a decorative centerpiece without much effort.

The wine bottle is also very good for the oil storage bottle. It does not leak oil and does not slip. It looks beautiful and can give the kitchen utensils a lot of quality! How to do it? Wash the wine bottle clean, dry it, and tear off the label sticker. If the label sticker on the exterior is difficult to tear, it can be soaked in water for 10 minutes and then brushed off with a wire ball.

It is a fun to paint on the exterior of the bottle and decorate it with paint. Or wrap a few rounds of fine linen rope, stick a few decorative letters, directly as an ornament, simple and generous.

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