Sun Flower Painting Ideas with Paper Cup

Today, I will show you how to make sunflower painting with paper cup. It’s easy to make at home, and you can DIY with your little kid on weekend.

Materials / Tools:

Colored paper cups , scissors, double-sided tape, A3 cardboard


1. First cut a pink flower. Use a pink paper cup, the bottom of the cup is reserved at 2cm high, the cup is made into 2 petals , then cut into 4 petals, and then cut into 8 petals… and 16 petals are cut off in this way.

2. The cup is turned upwards to spread the cut petals.

3. Roll the petals up with a pen and the petals will slightly tilt.

4. Take out two more orange paper cups and cut out the finer petals in the same way.

5. Cut a yellow flower in the same way, make a small change to it, and reduce the mouth of the cup so that the petals are shorter than the ones made before.

6, then put a good eye on the flowers, and then draw a mouth.

7. Place the double-sided tape on the back of the petal near the center of the flower (bottom of the cup).

8. First paste the first flower and stick it on the upper left corner of the cardboard.

9. At the bottom right of the first flower, paste the second one, and the petals can be covered on the first one, which is more layered.

10. Put a yellow flower on the top right of the jam.

11. Place the last flower on the blank space in the lower right corner of the jam.

12. Cut out a few leaves with a green paper cup or cardboard.

13. Stick the leaves under the flowers at the corners of the jam and finish.

The perfect sun flower can be attached to the wall and hung on the bookcase . It will be very pleasant to see the colorful sun flower.

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