Top 4 Hacks For Designing Your Small Kitchen

The small-sized kitchen decoration is a decoration form that is limited by the limited space and the narrow design of the design area. It is not only a very important area in the current home design, but also fully demonstrates the quality of life of the owner. We know the size of the kitchen regardless of the size. Cabinets, cooking areas, sinks, etc. are indispensable design areas, so what are the kitchen decoration hacks ? Now I will share the decoration points of the small-sized kitchen with you.

Small kitchen light tones

We all know that light-toned colors can magnify the visual space, such as white walls, white tiles, etc., which can bring decorative kitchen space and have a good visual effect.

Make the most of the kitchen corner space

We know that the small kitchen has limited space and there is not enough space for people to play, but the basic functional areas should be arranged reasonably. The decoration of the small kitchen should pay attention to the functionality, and make full use of the corner space of the kitchen to make the kitchen space more spacious. 
There are always small corners in the kitchen that we ignore. Folding, adjustable length cabinets, push-pull high cabinets, and powerful storage and storage functions are available to meet our space needs. 
A wall shelf can be designed between the floor cabinet and the wall cabinet to store all the scraps and pieces to avoid occupying more cabinet countertop space. 
The stainless steel frame with pulleys is designed to make it easy to pick up items at any time during the kitchen. Other items can be placed on the shelf, saving a lot of kitchen space. 
If it is an open kitchen design, you can extend the table to make a small dining table, or a cabinet table design, and make a small bar that can be stored, saving a lot of space.

Crafted with transparent materials

In the small kitchen decoration, the use of mirrors (mirrors) on the wall will effectively extend the sense of space, and some art decorations can be used to distract visual attention. 
Making good use of glass and visual fluoroscopy, we use more glossy, light-transparent materials, such as glass, in the design of small kitchens, which can increase the overall visual space.

Custom your furniture

There are a lot of electrical appliances in the kitchen, which will occupy a large kitchen space when placed. The small kitchen will be very narrow and crowded. Custom your furniture is the way to place the appliance in the small kitchen. The width is the same as the console. The space can be used as a locker to facilitate the storage of kitchen utensils, making the kitchen space look cleaner and more spacious.

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