35 Nordic-style Home Design Ideas That You Will Love

The Nordic style originated from the Scandinavian design style and is therefore also known as the “Scandinavian style”. With simple, natural, human characteristics. Nordic style also is a minimalist and natural home decoration style popular with young people, referring to the art design style of the northern European countries of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland, which mainly refers to interior design and industrial product design.

The Nordic style design seems to be casually matched, everything is as brilliant as ever. In any space, there is always a visual center, and the dominant center is color. The Nordic-style color matching is impressive because it always provides a visually comfortable effect – using more neutral colors for soft transitions without a solid color, using black white and gray to create a strong effect, and always having elements of stable space to break its visual expansion, such as using plain furniture or neutral soft-colored clothing to suppress. So in the furniture design, the result of the complete use of carving, decorative Nordic furniture. Therefore, in the furniture design, the nordic furniture without carving, decoration has been produced. If they have anything in common, it must be concise, direct, functional and close to nature.

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