30+ Adorable Wardrobe Closet Design Ideas To Inspire You

An open wardrobe is a home wardrobe that uses an empty space in the home or an empty wall to embed the cabinet into the wall, thus gaining its name. It is more air-flowing and spacious and bright than a traditional wardrobe. Open wardrobe sought after by younger generations because of its powerful storage features and open convenience.

Open wardrobe usually occupies a small area, so compared to the traditional wardrobe, open wardrobe cost is lower, is a lot of modern small-family home excellent furniture. The same shortcomings are also very obvious, that is, the effect of dust is poor, if it is close to the bath room, moisture is very heavy, will affect the quality of clothing. Open wardrobe can show beautiful clothes, so that it is not only a must-have, but also a beautiful decoration.

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