27 Bay Window Decorating Ideas Blending Functionality with Modern Interior Design

Some people say that the bay window is not practical and wastes space! But in fact, the bay window can not only meet the needs of our viewing, but also have many functions. It can make full use of the area, design and storage, and it can also become a place for reading and leisure.

Nowadays, many young people like the bay window design very much. If the scenery outside your window is good, it is better to make the living room bay window area into a viewing platform. With a custom-made cushion and a comfortable pillow, you can take in the view from the window. If the light is soft, you can also read the book and drink tea at the window, don’t mention more. Really a great location to enjoy the outdoor scenery. If you don’t know how to style your bay window, check out these design gallery that will make you get some inspiration.

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