36 Wedding Nail Art For Brides Ideas

A pair of slender white hands with low-key and exquisite nails, I believe you must add a lot of points to your beauty. How can you be missing on the wedding day? The most practical wedding manicure, just do it right! The color of the nails should not be overwhelming. The color of the bride’s nails mainly plays the role of matching the dress. The color and style of all the dresses on the wedding day should be considered first.

The white, nude color is gentle and generous, and the dress and bouquet of any color can be skillfully matched. It is the best color for nail art at the wedding. The tender color of the powder can best evoke your teenage feelings. What color is more lovely than pink? Wide range of applications: cute, cartoon style, small fresh, outdoor, romantic style wedding she can hold.

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Image Source: www.instagram.com

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