27 Cool Makeup Storage Ideas That Will Save Your Time

On Monday morning, the bottles and jars in front of the dressing table will make you crazy? How to properly store our many cosmetics is a problem for many women.

Tools such as brushes are preferably stored vertically, rather than being twisted together. The bristles are easily deformed and are not easy to find when used. Eye shadow and blush design, generally monochrome is a round box, multi-color is a square box, the size and size of the box are not the same, how to store it to look neat? If your dressing table has a drawer, then you can see the eye shadow tray and the blush disk in this way.
However, the space utilization rate of this single-layer storage method is not high, only suitable for those girls who are lean in cosmetics. If you are a madman, then you need a more space-saving method

The size of lipsticks of different brands is not much different, and it is easy to store. Whether you want to hide in the drawer of the dresser or put it outside, there are ways to make them look good. It is the easiest way to use a small plaid lipstick storage box. The actual color side of the bottom of the lipstick is facing up, arranged according to the brand and the color number. It looks neat and easy to find, and it will not be messy on the dressing table.

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