35 Bohemian Interior Home Design Trends and Ideas

Bohemian style, with a strong nomadic culture, its main characteristic for it. In bohemian style, the colors used are bolder, often using some of the more complex, strong colors and designs and Bohemian style decoration design pay more attention to simplicity and advocat freedom. The bohemian, who pursued freedom, formed his own philosophy of life on the journey of wander. Bohemia not only symbolizes the popular costumes with tassels, folds and large pendulum skirts, but is also synonymous with freedom, ease and enthusiasm. Bohemian Style costumes are a revolution. It’s like, as the picture shows.

Home style, with a slightly heavier hue, but simple and casual, such as dark gray, dark blue, black, red, orange and other colors which are the most common classic tones. Most furniture are slightly old, especially to Rattan’s dining chair, hollowed out decoration, wooden furniture, etc which belong to this kind of style of classic image.Bohemian style represents an unprecedented romance, folklore, and liberalization which also represents an artist temperament, a fashion trend, an anti-traditional mode of life. Bohemian style advocates freedom and rebellious spirit, strong colors allow bohemian style to give people a strong visual impact.

 Modern Bohemian Style, Home Decoration

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