35 Different Styles Of Curtains To Decorate Your Home

Curtain is an important decoration of indoor home, not only can beautify the room, but also can block the bright light, dust, protect the privacy of the interior. Coupled with the widespread use of the glass curtain wall of post-modern buildings, it is likely to produce strong reflections, resulting in a dazzling light. At this time, the curtains can act as a blocking effect. And now a lot of curtains have a very good sound absorption sound insulation function, can effectively defuse the noise outside the window may be the noise.

The choice of curtain color should be more in harmony. Curtain color, quality, must be coordinated with the room furniture, with the style of interior decoration, and indoor walls, floors, ceiling coordination, in order to form a unified and harmonious overall beauty. But don’t forget that it’s critical to be consistent with your inner tastes. Secondly, the pattern of the curtains should be considered. The color of the fabric should be coordinated with the room and determined according to the environment and season of the area. All in all, a good curtain can make your home life more comfortable.

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