27 DIY Makeup Room Ideas, Organizer, Storage and Decorating

Every girl dreams of having her own bedroom makeup desk. The makeup desk is also a must-have functional furniture. Although it is not big in the bedroom, it is extremely important. It is functional and decorative, not only convenient for makeup, but also for store small accessories. For most girls, the perfect day always starts with makeup. So, decorating this table is also important.

How can the dim light be well-formed? If the room is light, try to put the dressing table near the window. If the natural light is limited, then use a beautiful table lamp to help. It also makes the dressing table more pleasing. The mirror is also important, if the desktop location is almost impossible to put on your cosmetics and jewelry, then the hanging large vanity mirror is the best solution. In addition to the sleek look, you can gather better light and organize your makeup.

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