35 Beautiful Bridal Bouquet Arrangement for wedding

The bride’s bouquet is essential at the wedding. When the wedding day, the groom gently handed the flowers to the bride’s hand. From the door to the church, the bride has been holding this sweet until the end of the wedding. When I threw the bouquet to another woman who was looking forward to happiness… Love and hope were flying between the petals. Although it is just a bunch of small bouquets, it carries the happy love and happy future of the newcomer. A striking bouquet of flowers not only makes the bride’s styling more perfect, but also an important testimony to the bride’s happy moments!

The color of the bouquet and the wedding dress should be mutually responsive, with the same color as the best. Most brides like to wear white wedding dresses, and the range of bouquets that can be chosen for white wedding dresses is relatively large. The choice of bouquet should be consistent with the bride’s temperament: the main point of the color wedding dress and the bride’s bouquet is that the color of the bouquet should be slightly deeper than the color of the wedding dress, which gives a simple and harmonious impression. Gorgeous style wedding dresses or dresses need to match the elegant bouquets, which can highlight the bride’s noble temperament and mature charm.

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