40 Astonishing Country Wedding Ideas That Are In Trend

Summer dense forest is full of magic. A country wedding is the most appropriate. A refreshing summer forest wedding can make the wedding more refreshing. Let’s take a look at the inspiration of summer forest wedding planning. This is a hot, fashionable and environmentally friendly wedding theme. If you also like the freshness of nature, wedding planning this summer’s main theme wedding of forest green outdoor forest can meet the needs of new couples. The wedding style of forest wedding is definitely outdoors. If you can hold a wedding in the place surrounded by trees, of course, it is the preferred theme of forest wedding.

The green trees bring vitality. The fragrant flowers and even the song of birds are the value-added enjoyment of forest wedding. If you adorn the beautiful flowers slightly, you can harvest the perfect and delicate wedding. 。 Wedding style, fresh natural wood, bark, moss makes the dining table full of forest flavor. In terms of accessories, branches can be used as flower decoration banquet space, with a simple, natural and fresh aesthetic feeling. Sections of trunks can also be used to decorate wedding ceremonies. The simplicity of log color echoes all kinds of delicate and beautiful flowers, creating beautiful but not confusing pictures. Thick and heavy trunks can also replace flower appliances and carry bright flower bouquet.

40  Astonishing Country Wedding Ideas That Are In Trend wedding design, wedding decor, country wedding

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