40 Delicate Wedding Details You Need To Know

Happy wedding presents not only romance, but also warmth and happiness, so the layout of the wedding site can also be brighter. Next, let me tell you about the warm yellow wedding decoration techniques, so that love is full of sunshine. If the wedding ceremony site is decorated with warm yellow, it will appear very earth and depression, which is not in line with the mood of the happy wedding theme, at this time, the ingenious combination of other colors, is particularly critical.

For example, in the layout of the table, we can use goose yellow and pure white to make the whole wedding scene more pure and elegant. Dinner cloth and chair cover can choose goose yellow, appears very soft, while placing some pure white table flowers, so that the whole shape has a color contrast, add a ray of brightness. Let the design of the whole wedding table become more hierarchical. For example, in the design of the bride’s bouquet, you can choose the brilliant sunflower as the main material, and then just need a simple white tie, you can make the bouquet look more bright and moving, and complement the bride’s heartfelt smile, add a happy and beautiful wedding.

40 Delicate Wedding Details You Need To Know wedding, wedding decoration, wedding details

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